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The Marmousi model contains 158 horizontally layered horizons. A series of normal faults and resulting tilted blocks complicates the model towards its center. The model sits under approximately 32 m of water and is 9.2 km in length and 3 km in depth.

The velocity model found in the Madagascar repository, marmvel.hh can easily be displayed. This grid contains 751 data points in the Z direction and 2301 data points in the x direction. Table 2 displays the proper header configuration.

n1=751 d1=.004 o1=0 label= Depth unit1=km  
n2=2301 d2=.004 o2=0 label2=Position unit2=km  

Table 2. Header information for Marmousi velocity models

The script found at marmousi/model/SConstruct was written to obtain the Marmousi model datasets, append the headers as necessary and display the data. This file is presented in Table 3 while the velocity model image is displayed in Figure 1.

from rsf.proj import *
# Fetch Files from repository
for file in raw:
    if file is 'marmvel.hh':
        t='Velocity Model'
    if file is 'marmsmooth.HH':
        t='Smoothed Velocity Model'
# Convert Files to RSF and update headers
    Flow(fileOut,file,'''dd form=native | 
        scale rscale=.001 | put
        label1=Depth label2=Position unit1=km unit2=km
        d1=%f d2=%f''' % (d,d))
# Plotting Section
    Result(fileOut,'''window $SOURCE  | 
        grey color=I gainpanel=a allpos=y scalebar=y 
        title=%s barlabel=Velocity barunit=km/s screenratio=.326
        screenht=3 wheretitle=t labelsz=4 titlesz=6 ''' % t)

Table 3. SConstruct script generating the Marmousi velocity model images

Typing Command 1 within the Marmousimodel directory runs the script.

\texttt{bash-3.1\$\ scons\ view} \end{displaymath} (1)

Figure 1.
Velocity model
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