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Three sets of data were collected over this model. A near surface streamer survey, a vertical souding profile (VSP), and an ocean bottom cable (OBC) survey. Several sets of shot records are included in the Marmousi2 repository; multicomponent OBC data found in obc_vx_#.segy andobc_vz_#.segy, reduced data from the OBC cable found in obc_div_v_#.segy and obc_curl_v_#.segy, and streamer cable data found in surface_p#.segy. Each of these files was split into components to make them more managable. The # symbol above corresponts to either part number 1 or 2.

In all cases the source was an airgun located on a ship at depth of 10 m. The source began firing at 3 000 m along the horizontal x coordinate and continued firing every 25 m until 14 975 m.