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Streamer Surveys

The streamer survey was not traditional in the sense that it employed a 17 km long static streamer which spanned the entire model. In total there were 1 361 single component hydrophones spaced every 12.5 m at a depth of 5 m. This unrealistic geometry was chosen both for simplicity and to allow maximum utility of the data. The table 9 outlines the values that streamer data files headers should have.

n1=2500 o1=0 d1=0.002 label1=Depth Z unit1=s  
n2=1361 o2=0 d2=12.5 label2=Position X unit2=m  
n3=480 o3=3000 d3=25 label3=Shot-Coord unit2=m  

Table 9. Header information for Marmousi2 streamer surveys