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Shot Records

BP performed a fourth order finite differencing modeling code on the padded velocity model. Madagascar can easily be used to display and manipulate the data. The script pluto/shot/SConstruct presented in table 4 fetches the dataset and constructs the RSF formatted dataset plutoShots.rsf.

As written this script outputs two images; figure 3 shows the Pluto zero offset shot gather while figure 4 shows shot 30.

from rsf.proj import *

# Fetch Files from repository

# Convert Files to RSF and append headers
files = ['P15shots150f_endon_0ph-1stHlf.SEGY','P15shots150f_endon_0ph-2ndHlf.SEGY']
counter=0  #o2=360
for item in ['rsf1','rsf2']:
    Flow(item,files[counter], '''
            segyread tape=$SOURCE | put  
            o1=0 o2=0 o3=0 d2=.02286 d3=.0457 n2=350 n3=347  
            label1=Time  label2=Position unit1=s unit2=km 
    counter = counter + 1

# Concatinate Files
Flow('plutoShots',['rsf1', 'rsf2'],'''
            cat ${SOURCES[0:2]} axis=3''',stdin=0)

# Plotting Section
Result('zero','plutoShots','''window $SOURCE  min2=0 max2=0 size2=1 | 
               grey  color=I gainpanel=a label2=Position X unit2=km
               title=Zero Offset Data label2=Distance''')
Result('shot30','plutoShots','''window $SOURCE  min3=1.371
               max3=1.371 size3=1 | grey color=I wantframenum=y  
               gainpanel=a title=Shot # 30 label2=Offset''')

Table 4. Scons script that generates RSF formatted pluto shot data

Figure 3.
Zero offset data for Pluto synthetic dataset
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Figure 4.
Shot 30 of Pluto dataset
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Shot data should be formatted as shown in table 5. Again both metric and standard units are shown.

n1=1126 d1=.008 o1=0 label1=Z Depth unit1=s
n2=350 d2=75 o2=0 label2=X unit2=ft
n3=694 d3=150 o3=0 label3=Shot  
n1=1126 d1=0.008 o1=0 label1="Depth" unit1=s
n2=350 d2=0.02286 o2=0 label2="Position" unit2=km
n3=694 d3=0.0457 o3=0 label3="Shot"  

Table 5. Header information for Pluto velocity models

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