RSF Austin School 2007

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Friday, April 20, 2007
1:45-2:15 PM InstallFest: bring your own laptop and get help installing RSF/Madagascar
2:15-2:45 PM Basic command-line usage and RSF file format Paul Sava (Colorado School of Mines) pdf 464 Kb
2:45-3:15 PM Vplot graphics language - past, present, and future Joseph Dellinger (BP)
3:15-3:30 PM Coffee break
3:30-4:00 PM Managing data processing flows with SCons James Jennings (BEG, University of Texas at Austin) ppt 5.4 Mb
4:00-4:30 PM Writing reproducible papers and extending RSF/Madagascar Sergey Fomel (BEG, University of Texas at Austin)
4:30-5:00 PM Questions and general discussion



Main Conference Room
Bureau of Economic Geology
The University of Texas at Austin
J.J.Pickle Research Campus, Building 130
10100 Burnet Road
Austin, Texas 78758-4445


To register for the course, please send an e-mail to Attendance is free.