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If you are a software developer, you can help Madagascar with one of the following projects:

Binary packages

For ease of installation, we would like to distribute Madagascar not only in the source form but also in binary packages. This is Feature Request #5.

  • RPM

See Instructions for creating Fedora RPM.

  • Debian
  • Macports
  • Cygwin

XTpen replacement

The default viewing program for Linux, xtpen, depends on the Athena sidget set (libXaw library). The libXaw library is no longer supplied by default with common Linux distributions. Therefore, it would be good to replace xtpen with a program of similar functionality that would built with the libraries supplied out of the box.

An alternative viewing program, oglpen, depends on OpenGL which is also not always available. x11pen depends only on the core X libraries but is broken.

See also Feature Request #34 for aquapen on Macs.


At the 2011 workshop in Houston, Joe Dellinger presented a detailed plan for adding interactivity to Vplot graphics. Someone needs to follow the plan and implement the suggested changes.

3D viewer