Contributing new programs to Madagascar

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This page is intended for developers maintaining Madagascar infrastructure and programs.

Style suggestions

Please try to:

  • Do atomic commits
  • Use svn commit -m "your message here" to let others know what changed
  • If you plan to do large-scale substantive changes, use a repository branch

Backward compatibility features

If you introduce or notice a feature that is used solely for backwards compatibility with an old version of a dependency, please document it here, so that the feature can be eliminated when the Madagascar community stops supporting that version of that dependency.

Python 2.2 and older

  • In framework/ Everything in the have_datetime_module=False branches

Python 2.3 and older

  • In user/ivlad/ Everything in the have_subprocess=False branches
  • The entire api/python/ (also needed on systems which do not have recent versions of numpy and SWIG)