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The Wikipedia list of free geophysics software does a fine job of keeping track of all packages in general. Therefore, this section will only list packages that:

  • can interact with Madagascar, at source code / linking level (GPL, or compatible to be linked by GPL-ed programs)
  • have no commercial usage restrictions.

Comprehensive seismic processing suites

These suites include a wide range of algorithms and tools, covering most of the needs of a seismic data processing and imaging researcher at the time when they were developed.

Specialized tools

There are also other publicly available packages, with a smaller number of utilities than the ones described above, but each having unique capabilities, in its own way. Browsing SourceForge's Earth Sciences section may reveal others as well.

GPL-compatible licenses
Name What it is Written/maintained by License
BotoSeis collection of interactive java programs for seismic data processing, which can also be used as a graphical user interface for Seismic Unix, Madagascar or other in-house programs Williams Lima and others (Brasil) GPL
Delivery Java-based Bayesian seismic inversion code for use in oil reservoir characterisation CSIRO Petroleum, Australia The copyright belongs to BHP Billiton and the package is distributed under a GPL+BSD license.
GeBR Environment for seismic data processing, designed to easily assemble and run processing flows. Has GUI based on C and GTK+ Contributors from Brasil GPL
GeoBenchmark Benchmark for how fast computers are when working with seismic processing and imaging algorithms. More details in "Computers for seismic processing and imaging: a performance study", by E. Kurin, Proceedings of the 2007 SEG Annual Meeting, 2451-2454 Evgeny Kurin, Geolab Ltd. public domain
GSEGYView cross-platform SEG-Y data viewer with OpenGL graphics hardware acceleration Vladimir Bashkardin (U. of Texas at Austin) GPL
image2segy Matlab program to transform a raster image of a seismic paper or film record to SEGY. Uses SegyMat. Marcelli Farran (Institute of Marince Sciences, Barcelona, Spain) Creative Commons
kogeo MS-Windows only toolkit that features data processing, project databases, interpretation tools, 3-D header manipulation and good visualization tools Philipp Konerding (U. of Hamburg, Germany) GPL
openGPR Linux framework for the processing and 2D/3D-visualization of GPR data. Based on Seismic Unix, Python and QT4. Inactive since 2007. Matthias Schuh, University of Tubingen, Germany GPL
qiWorkbench extensible Java-based platform for implementing integrated workflows to process, analyze and view seismic data, originally designed by BHP Billiton to implement its integrated workflows to process, analyze and view seismic data BHP, G&W, INT, CSM and CSIRO GPL; BSD for APIs in order to allow closed-source commercial plugins
SegyMAT toolbox to read and write SEG-Y data to and from Matlab and Octave Thomas Mejer Hansen (U. of Copenhagen, Denmark) LGPL
SegyPy Python port of SegyMAT same as SegyMAT LGPL
segy-py Python package for reading seismic SEGY files Kurt Schwehr (U. of New Hampshire) GPL
SeismicLab Matlab toolbox that does preprocessing, imaging and plotting Mauricio Sacchi (U. of Alberta, Canada) GPL
GPL-incompatible or missing licenses
Name What it is Written/maintained by License
GeoCraft Lightweight framework (with visualization) for rapidly prototyping and deploying new geoscience algorithms ConocoPhillips Inc. Custom (MIT-style)
SW3D good-quality ray-theory based package SW3D consortium (Charles U., Czech Republic) Not specified
Mines Java Toolkit set of Java packages and native (non-Java) code libraries for digital signal processing and 2-D and 3-D graphics Dave Hale (Colorado School of Mines, USA) Common Public License

Packages free for non-commercial use only

  • CREWES Educational Software Release
  • IGeoS
  • Jive3D
  • JRG
  • RayInvr