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Publications mentioning Madagascar

  • The future is open for business: open source tools for the geoscientist, by M. Hall: First Break, 28 (June), 119-123, 2010
  • Madagascar hits V1.0—as Seismic Un*x moots ‘S3’: Oil IT Journal, July 2010.

Currently non-reproducible publications using Madagascar

  • Monitoring CO2 response on surface seismic data; a rock physics and seismic modeling feasibility study at the CO2 sequestration site, Ketzin, Germany, by S. H. Kazemeini, C. Juhlin, and S. Fomel: Journal of Applied Geophysics, v. 71, 109-124, 2010
  • Geophysics and rock mechanics tests for dredging in the Arthur Kill Channel, New York, by William F. Murphy III, W. Bruce Ward, Beckett Boyd, William Murphy IV, Richard Nolen-Hoeksema, Matthew Art, and Daniel A. Rosales R.: SEG Expanded Abstracts, v. 29, 2010
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