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tkMadagascar is a pure-Python, Tkinter graphical user interface for Madagascar. It allows users to construct processing flows using a graphical tool as well as on the command line.

tkMadagascar is comprised of two main programs: the standalone program browser and the main user interface.


tkMadagascar requires Python 2.5 or higher, and Tkinter 8.0 or higher. Tkinter is included by default with your Python installation, so you will have to upgrade your Python installation to a higher version to upgrade Tkinter if needed. If in doubt, try to run tkMadagascar first, before upgrading, as your version may still work properly.

Program Browser

The program browser allows users to quickly view the self-documentation for Madagascar programs. To access the browser simply enter: sfbrowser on the command prompt.

The browser is a single window consisting of multiple frames. To the left, is the area where the self-documentation will show for RSF programs. On the right is a list of all Madagascar programs contained within your local installation. This list is repopulated everytime that the browser is run, so it will be up-to-date provided that you have updated the Madagascar self-documentation (via a reinstall).

Search by name

To select programs, simply double-click on their names in the program list. If you know the name of your program, you can enter it into the box to the left of the Find Program button, and then press Find Program which will take you to the program that you requested.

Search by functionality

Additionally, you can search program descriptions if you are not sure which program to use for a specific task. To do so, click on Search by functionality, which opens a separate window. Type the keyword or phrase you want to look for in program descriptions. For example, to look for programs to add RSF files together, we might search for "add". Then click Search. Once the result list is populated, you can either double-click or click the Select button, to bring that programs self-documentation into the other window.

Main interface