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EAGE Workshop Open-source Software in Applied Geosciences

Monday 30 June, 2016 9:00 – 16:00 hrs

Workshop description

Open-source Software in Applied Geosciences

Convenors: Filippo Broggini (ETH Zürich), Sergey Fomel (University of Texas at Austin), Thomas Günther (LIAG), and Russell Hewett (Total)

Open-source software (OSS) has become increasingly important to the advancement of the field of applied geoscience. In this workshop, we explore the role of OSS in geosciences and seek to better understand the usage and development of open source software for geoscience research in industry and academia. We will review the progress in the development and adoption of OSS which has occurred since the first EAGE workshop on this subject in Vienna in 2006.


Workshop Introduction
09:00 F. Broggini (ETH Zürich), S. Fomel (University of Texas at Austin), and T. Günther (LIAG Hannover, Germany) Workshop Introduction [http:// slides]
Learning from the Past
09:10 M.K. Tingdahl* (dGB Earth Sciences) & P. de Groot (dGB Earth Sciences) How to Create a Viable Business around Open Source Software [http:// Abstract] [http:// Slides]
09:30 S. Fomel* (University of Texas at Austin) Madagascar Open-source Software Project - 10 Years Later [http:// Abstract] [http:// Poster]
10:10 Coffee Break
10:30 J.C. Shragge* (University of Western Australia) & T. Potter (University of Western Australia) Leveraging the Madagascar Framework for Reproducible Large-scale Cluster and Cloud Computing [http:// Abstract] [http:// Poster]
10:50 R.G. Clapp* (Stanford University) SEPlib - Push vs. pull and Parallelism [http:// Abstract]
11:10 W. Symes* (Rice University) Mathematical Fidelity and Open Source Libraries for Large Scale Simulation and Optimization [http:// Abstract] [http:// Slides]
11:30 Panel discussion
12:00 Lunch break
New Developments
13:00 J.W. Stockwell* (Colorado School of Mines) OpenSeaSeis - A Simple Open-source Seismic Data Processing System [http:// Abstract] [http:// Slides]
13:15 A. Gokhberg* (ETH Zurich), S. Simutė (ETH Zurich) & A. Fichtner (ETH Zurich) SES3D - An Open-source Package for Seismic Waveform Modelling and Inversion [http:// Abstract] [http:// Slides]
13:30 E.Y. Lee* (University of Vienna), J. Novotny (Brown University) & M. Wagreich (University of Vienna) BasinVis 1.0 - A MATLAB-based Program to Visualize Sedimentary Basin Fill and Subsidence [http:// Abstract] [http:// Slides]
13:45 R.G. Guibert (INP-IMFT), P.H. Horgue (INP-IMFT) & G.D. Debenest* (INPT-IMFT) Open Source Toolbox for Fluid Mechanisms [http:// Abstract] [http:// Slides]
14:00 C. Rücker* (Technische Universität Berlin), T. Günther (LIAG Hannover, Germany) & F. Wagner (GFZ Potsdam, Germany) PyGIMLi - An Open Source Python Library for Inversion and Modelling in Geophysics [http:// Abstract] [http:// Slides]
14:15 L. Demanet* (MIT) PySIT, the Python Seismic Imaging Toolbox [http:// Abstract] [http:// Slides]
14:30 K.A. Stanton (University of Alberta), M.D. Sacchi (University of Alberta) & N. Kazemi* (University of Alberta) Seismic Data Analysis in Julia [http:// Abstract] [http:// Slides]
14:45 E. Haber* (UBC) jInv, a Julia Package for Paralell Solutions of Inverse Problems [http:// Abstract] [http:// Slides]
15:00 Coffee Break
Community building
15:10 M. Hall* (Agile Geoscience) Eight Strategies for Revolutionizing the Open Geoscience Ecosystem [http:// Abstract] [http:// Slides]
15:30 Panel discussion
16:00 Wrap up and closing

Reports on the workshop

Links to Matt Hall's blog: Open source FWI, I mean geoscience and Open Source geoscience is.