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<center><big>'''2016 Madagascar School in Zürich'''</big></center>
<center><big>'''2016 Madagascar School on Reproducible Computational Geophysics in Zürich'''</big></center>

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2016 Madagascar School on Reproducible Computational Geophysics in Zürich



June 6-7, 2016

Hosting Organization

Exploration and Environmental Geophysics (EEG) group
Institute of Geophysics
ETH Zürich


Department of Earth Sciences at ETH Zürich (Zentrum campus)
Room F39
NO Building
Sonneggstrasse 5, 8092 Zürich

Location and directions in Google Maps

Zurich is easily accessible by plane, by train, and by car. You can find additional information on SBB (railways) and ZVV (public transports).


Registration is open until 27th May 2016.

Registration fees are 25 Swiss Francs (CHF) for students and 100 Swiss Francs (CHF) for other participants.
Lunches on both days and coffee breaks are included in the registration fees.

Click here to proceed to the registration.

Please check well in advance if you need a visa to enter and stay in Switzerland (Schengen Area). All EU and EEA (Iceland, Norway, and Liechtenstein) countries do not require visa and ID cards are generally sufficient, but please check if a passport might be required. Do I need a VISA?


Zurich is an international business city as well as a favourite European place visited by tourists. The Madagascar school takes place at the beginning of the tourist season in Zurich and we suggest to book your rooms well in advance.


Sergey Fomel (University of Texas at Austin)
Karl Schleicher (University of Texas at Austin)
Jeffrey Shragge (University of Western Australia)
Constantin Mildner (ETH Zürich)
Pengliang Yang (Universite Joseph Fourier-Grenoble)


To Be Announced.