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This page honors individuals who made crucial contributions to the development of Madagascar and to the Madagascar community. You can read their stories by following the links below.

Ioan "Nick" Vlad

Nick Vlad enhanced Madagascar installation by improving directory structures and configuration scripts. He maintained the Madagascar wiki pages and generated a large portion of their content. He actively participated in community discussions and created the LinkedIn group for Madagascar users.

Pengliang Yang

Pengliang Yang developed efficient CUDA codes for fast execution on GPU devices and provided examples of their usage in geophysical tasks, from forward wave modeling to full waveform inversion. He served as an instructor at Madagascar schools, including Harbin-2015 and Zurich-2016.

Vladimir Bashkardin

Vladimir Bashkardin wrote oglpen, a Vplot visualization program based on OpenGL. He also developed new tools for parallel computing and handling large-scale datasets. Vladimir actively participated in the Madagascar community and served as an instructor at Madagascar schools, including Houston-2010.

Yang Liu

Yang Liu contributed code, reproducible examples and research papers. He taught at numerous Madagascar schools, including Houston-2010, Beijing-2011, Melbourne-2013, and Shanghai-2017. Yang played a critical role in promoting Madagascar in China and hosted Hefei-2020 at the 1st Asia-Pacific Geophysics Student Conference. He currently maintains the Madagascar webserver.

Jeff Godwin

Jeff Godwin wrote a Madagascar Tutorial and useful Python scripts, including TkMadagascar, an example of a complete interactive environment. He provided help for many other users and taught at the Madagascar school in Houston-2010.

Jim Jennings

Jim Jennings was the first active Madagascar user from outside the geophysics community. He contributed Python packages for geostatistical modeling and improved the Madagascar infrastructure by writing scripts for reproducibility testing. Jim actively participated in the Madagascar community and served as an instructor at Madagascar schools, including Austin-2007 and Houston-2010.

Joe Dellinger

Joe Dellinger is the primary author of Vplot. Originally developed at Stanford in the 1980s, Vplot serves as Madagascar's plotting library today. During the Golden-2008 workshop, Joe developed the *sfvplotdiff* program for comparing Vplot files, which is the cornerstone for reproducibility testing. Joe taught at multiple Madagascar schools and workshops, including Vancouver-2006, Austin-2007, and Houston-2010.

Zicheng Geng

Zicheng Geng played a leading role in maintaining and developing Madagascar in the 2010s. Among other contributions, he converted the Python code to version 3, introduced unit testing, and enhanced continuous integration using CircleCI.